I've had the most wonderful weekend! Eight intrepid knitting friends came to Norway for a trial run of what I hope will be regular knitting retreats at my island home.

I was rather nervous before everyone arrived, but they were so lovely and appreciative that I enjoyed every minute of their stay. We had the most glorious weather for the whole of the weekend. September can be wet and wild, but we had warm days and starry evenings! There was a wealth of experience and talent here, and by the end of the weekend I felt inspired and motivated! 

 Åsa Tricosa held an enthusiastic class on Ziggurating, the clever sweater construction technique she has developed, and I have a gorgeous Strrripes on the needles after much help divining my swatch from both Åsa and Steph, aka chemistrydiva, tech editor and swatch nazi!

We laughed, knitted, drank tea, walked, swam, drank more tea, sat in the sun, laughed some more, cried a little, knitted, learnt to spin, added wine to the menu, and then we laughed until we cried! I hope all my guests enjoyed their stay as much as I did, and I'm hoping they'll want to come again next year! Thank you so much for coming :-)


09/27/2013 6:25am

Let's see, would I want to come again next year? It was the most wonderful weekend and the thought of doing it all again ... try and stop me!

10/04/2013 2:29pm

It was, as Jo says, the most wonderful weekend - what a way to spend my birthday!!

Please, please may I have another one there next year?!


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